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Rand Paul — Deep State Exists, Uses Intelligence for Political Purposes

Paul pointed out that he believed Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and others used intelligence collected “without any judicial warrants” for political purposes, in addition to “try to bring Trump down.”...
The AntiMedia
Rand Paul: Deep State Exists, Uses Intelligence for Political Purposes
Truth In Media

Dave Majumdar — Could America Stop a Cruise Missile or Hypersonic Weapons Attack by Russia or China?

Arms race on. Defense industry, a euphemism for the military industrial complex, salivates.

As DefSec Mattis admits, the US cannot stop an ICBM attack by capabilities that already exists, so new technology doesn't increase the threat. The US strategy is not to counter an attack directly with through deterrence based on the the nuclear triad, or "trident."

No matter, huge increases in defense spending are already on the way.

The National Interest
Could America Stop a Cruise Missile or Hypersonic Weapons Attack by Russia or China?
Dave Majumdar | Defense Editor

See also
The RS-28 [Sarmat] is far more than a follow-on to the aging R-36 [Satan] missile —it is, fundamentally, an entirely new weapon the likes of which the United States has never before seen. The “Sarmat” retains its impressive throw-weight while reducing its overall weight by nearly 50 percent by using advanced composite materials for the missile airframe and employing a new type of liquid-fuel propulsion system—the PDY-99 “pulse detonation” engine—that hyper-accelerates the RS-28 into orbit, reducing the infrared signature of the launch as well as the time available to American early-warning satellites to detect such a launch. The RS-28 is designed to either be armed with 10 750-kiloton independently targeted maneuvering warheads, each of which can destroy an American ICBM silo or launch control facility, or between 16 and 24 new hypersonic glide vehicles, each tipped with a 150-kiloton nuclear warhead, and likewise capable of taking out any hardened site on American soil. Either configuration provides Russia with the means to avoid launch detection, evade all missile defense systems, and destroy America’s land-based intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) nuclear force. In short, with the RS-28, Russia possesses a genuine first-strike capability that nullifies one third of America’s nuclear triad.

Contrary to Secretary Mattis’s dismissive commentary, the RS-28 does, in fact, fundamentally alter the strategic balance between Russia and the United States. Moreover, Mike Pompeo knows full well that the Russians are not bluffing. Both Mattis and Pompeo had been laboring under the false impression that Russia could not afford to field a follow-on to the R-36 missile, especially considering that that missile had been built in the Ukraine during Soviet times, and as such those capabilities were lost to Russian defense industry. The RS-28, however, is a reality—the Russians simply reconfigured their own indigenous missile production capability and will have at least 50 of the new missiles operational by 2020. It’s a reality that America’s leadership might want to factor into any future policy toward Moscow....
The American Conservative
No, Putin Isn’t Bluffing on Nukes
Scott Ritter


Exposé of John Bolton lying the US into war.

The American Conservative
The Untold Story of John Bolton’s Campaign for War With Iran
Gareth Porter

See also
Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab reportedly busted a major US military asset when it exposed a sophisticated cyber-espionage operation that targeted computer networks in the Middle East.
On March 9, the leading Russia-based cybersecurity company reported their research on a program it called Slingshot, which used a highly sophisticated approach to infect computers with malware through infected routers. The operation had targeted computers throughout the Middle East and some parts of Africa since at least 2012, and required a lot of money and expertise from its creators. A report by an industry news publication, CyberScoop, claims Slingshot was run by the Special Operations Command (SOCOM)....
‘Pentagon cyber-espionage op’: US reportedly behind Slingshot malware targeting Mid East & Africa

Any claims that a specific piece of U.S. malware—in this case, Slingshot—was targeting only al-Qaeda or ISIS bad guys is disingenuous as well. The exploit on routers is hitting an entire region, infecting an untold number of innocent people. Internet cafés are said to have been hit in this, meaning everyone going into the cafes is at risk.
Probing aka fishing rather than targeting suspects.

Jason Ditz

Former Aerospace Forces Commander and Russian Senate Defense Committee Chairman Viktor Bondarev says it would take at least 500 American anti-missile missiles to intercept a single Sarmat ICBM....
Sputnik International

Dirk Ehnts — Discussion with Ben Fine about Keynes and Keynesianism

Even if you are not following this, Dirk Ehnts' explanation of Keynes' position in the General Theory is of interest regarding his view on addressing unemployment that is substantially the same as the MMT position. The position of what now goes by the name "Keynesianism" is different from both.

Some keeper Keynes quotes, too.

econoblog 101
Discussion with Ben Fine about Keynes and Keynesianism
Dirk Ehnts | Lecturer at Bard College Berlin

Voltaire - Four days to declare a Cold War by Thierry Meyssan

An excellent article which suggests another reason why Rex Tillerson was fired. This article says that he was involved in trying to stage a false flag in Syria by launching a chemical weapons attack and blaming it onto Assad. The Russians alerted the Trump administration about this and Rex Tillerson was fired.  KV

Bypassing the official diplomatic channels, Russian Chief of Staff General Valeri Guerassimov contacted his US counterpart General Joseph Dunford to inform him of his fear of a false flag chemical attack in Ghouta. Dunford took this information vey seriously, and alerted US Defense Secretary General Jim Mattis, who referred the matter to President Donald Trump. In view of the Russian insistence that this piece of foul play was being prepared without the knowledge of the Pentagon, the White House asked the Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, to identify those responsible for the conspiracy.

We do not know the result of this internal enquiry, but President Trump acquired the conviction that his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was implicated. The Secretary of State was immediately asked to interrupt his official journey in Africa and return to Washington.

Voltaire - Four days to declare a Cold War by Thierry Meyssan

Vimeo - Sweden, Dying to be Multicultural

Socialists have got to wake up to this, George Soros and the (neo) liberals are changing our society forever. Most liberals are kindhearted people that hate racism, but we also love our liberal society and don't want it changed.

Some conspiracy theorists say that what George Soros and his like our really trying to fragment European society so they can divide and rule, I don't know, but we don't want to live in an Islamic state.

The Middle East could have been secular by now, but the Western elite destroyed that because in Meddle Eastern democracies people wanted more control of their oil, and that weren't to be allowed. Fascist theocracies suited the West much better, but countries, like Saudi Arabia, trained sent extremists everywhere which was probably approved of by some sectors within the Western elite.

The lovely Labour politician, David Miliband, said once in an interview that he was not a liberal and Bernie Sanders said the same thing. Recently I was looking at recently Chris Hedges video and he said he was not a liberal either. I feel the same, I'm a left leaning liberal who believes in the highest ethical values.

Sweden, Dying to be Multicultural

RT - ‘Peace through strength!’ Trump says ‘getting along with Russia is a good thing’

US President Donald Trump has hit back at 'the Fake News Media' over its criticism of him congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin on his re-election victory, saying “getting along with Russia is a good thing.”

RT - ‘Peace through strength!’ Trump says ‘getting along with Russia is a good thing’

But the liberals don't like it, isn't that weird? KV

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

TASS — Chief of Russian General Staff discusses Syria with US counterpart - Defense Ministry

The Russian side initiated the contact. Gen. Gerasimov likely repeated to Gen. Dunford what the Russian MoD had stated publicly — if the US launches an attack on Syria, the Russian military will respond. The Russian leadership seems to be convinced that this is the US intention behind recent troop and naval movements.
Chief of Russian General Staff discusses Syria with US counterpart - Defense Ministry

See also

The Vineyard of the Saker
Official Statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the “Skripal Case”
The Saker

See also

The Duran
Russia challenges Britain on Skripal: insists on proper procedures being followed; demands answers
Alexander Mercouris

Matfey Shaheen — Vladimir Putin “I slept with a SHOTGUN beside my bed”

The 1990’s were among the four worst periods in Russian history, which collectively were:
  • The Mongol Invasion of 1240 — Including all the events that went with it, the fall of Kiev, the sundering of Ukraine and Belarus from the territory of modern Russia, their partition into Lithuanian Rus’, and later Rzeczpospolita (Poland-Lithuania).
  • The Time of Troubles 1598-1613
  • The Bolshevik Revolution (1917) and events that followed
  • the 1990s (which happened in the 1990’s believe it or not)

Jason Smith — It's the 80s!

Interesting look at the history.

Information Transfer Economics
It's the 80s!
Jason Smith

Andrew Brennan — US media is more neo-McCarthyism than journalism

What we are watching in the US is a hysteria being orchestrated by parties and members of the US corporate and political establishment to rally “America” against the “commie Soviets” again, except there are no “commie Soviets.” The push for Russophobia is like nothing Western audiences – yes, audiences because this is theater – have seen before, even during the Cold War.
Night and day, the press wheels churn any and all content warning that the Russians are coming, linking Russia to everything dubious and malevolent. The US corporate media has desensitized and drained the public’s tolerance in being able to take any more indoctrinating daily shows on Russia. The media pundits have actually polarized American society regarding President Donald Trump and Russia....
Asia Times
US media is more neo-McCarthyism than journalism
Andrew Brennan

Sean McElwee, Colin McAuliffe and Jon Green — Why Democrats Should Embrace a Federal Jobs Guarantee

Going mainstream. Some prominent Democrats are already embracing a JG.

The Nation
Why Democrats Should Embrace a Federal Jobs Guarantee
Sean McElwee, Colin McAuliffe and Jon Green

David Malone - Questions for the Near Future. 1

I just hope governments cotton onto MMT sometime soon then we might be able to stop this disaster.  Micheal Hudson says the 2008 crash was orchestrated by the bankers because they knew that would get bailed out and make a lot of money. Interests rates have been kept low to help boost the economy but pensions have not been making enough money. Well, the bankers don't care about people's pensions because they are too rich to be affected. 

We are told that in capitalism the profit motive gives people incentives to start up companies and expand the present ones, but it seems that the big money is made by asset stripping what took hundreds of years to build up in the West.    KV

David Malone 

What will you do when you are told that your company pension is bust? Or that the pension you thought you were going to get has to be cut to a fraction of what you were promised?
Will you expect your political leaders to put people in prison? Will they? Or will they have an enquiry and then say ‘lessons have been learned’ and ‘new safeguards have been put in place’, and will they appoint a Pension Commissioner/Tsar who will draw a large salary and in return hold meetings with the heads of the pension industry and agree a code of conduct and draw up rules for ‘better’ self regulation?
What will you do when you are told that because of a decade and more of ultra-low interest rates, the insurance company that holds your private pension is in very deep trouble and just cannot pay?
What will you do if you are told that you will have to bailout various insurers in order to save the pension industry?
What will you do when you are told that the state pension can’t afford to pay retirements any more? What will you do if you are told that to expect a pension is a form of entitlement neither you nor your children any longer have a right to?
Golem XIV

Craig Murray — On Being a Dissenting Voice in 2018

The site is just back up at 16.42 on 21 March having managed to slip like the Tardia into another dimension and thus dodge the massive DOS attack we are under. over 50,000 separate IP addresses simultaneously throwing up millions of hits. The attack has not actually stopped and does seem to have a human intelligence changing terms and directing it, which could make for an interesting afternoon. Once our excellent techs get a minute from fighting it, we will post the cloudfare graphs as evidence.
I just thought I might give you a little taste of what it means to your personal life to express dissent from the government line in the UK in 2018. Let me start with this combined effort from the UK’s most popular website, Guido Fawkes, which fanatically supports the government, and the Blairite crew at “The Guardian”....
Taking down dissent. A fine "liberal" tradition.

Craig Murray Blog
On Being a Dissenting Voice in 2018
Craig Murray, formerly British ambassador to Uzbekistan and Rector of the University of Dundee

Moon of Alabama Russian Scientists Explain 'Novichok' - High Time For Britain To Come Clean (Updated)

More information if you are following this closely. The plot thickens.

Moon of Alabama
Russian Scientists Explain 'Novichok' - High Time For Britain To Come Clean (Updated)

The Guardian - PwC faces MPs over accusations of ‘milking the Carillion cow dry’

Commons committee to focus on pensions advice as accountants are questioned over role in collapse

The PPF is likely to pick up all but two of Carillion’s 13 pension schemes and has estimated the funding shortfall for the schemes at about £900m. It would cost an estimated £2.6bn for a pension firm to buy out the defined-benefit schemes, which is unlikely to happen.

Frank Field, the chair of the Commons work and pensions committee, said: “PwC had every incentive to milk the Carillion cow dry. Then, when Carillion finally collapsed, PwC adroitly re-emerged as butcher, packaging up joints of the fallen beast to be flogged off. 

“For this they are handsomely rewarded by the taxpayer. They claim to be experts in every aspects of company management. They’re certainly expert in ensuring they get their cut at every stage.”
Three partners from PwC will face questions from MPs as part of the joint inquiry by the work and pensions committee and business committee into the collapse of Carillion: Marissa Thomas, head of deals; David Kelly, special manager; and Gavin Stoner, restructuring and pensions.

MPs on the two select committees have already accused the “big four” accountancy firms of “feasting on what was soon to become a carcass”. KPMG, Deloitte, EY and PwC banked £72m for work carried out on Carillion, its pension scheme and its government contracts in the 10 years leading to its failure.

Ann Wright — The New CIA Director Nominee and the Massacre at My Lai

The protection of those who commit heinous crimes in the name of the U.S. government (by the government in whose name the crimes are committed) provides a dangerous precedent and could lead to the conclusion by many in the military and CIA that they can “get away with murder.” 
The sad history of our country is that murders and executions (remember the extrajudicial drone assassinations ordered by Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump) are acts that continue to be the policy of our country. These acts are known throughout the world, but seldom spoken about in the United States. That President Trump would nominate a known torturer to be the director of the CIA is horrific. Her confirmation by the U.S. Congress would be a tragedy....
Consortium News
The New CIA Director Nominee and the Massacre at My Lai
Ann Wright, Colonel (ret.), U.S. Army/Army Reserves, and a U.S. diplomat for 16 years serving in U.S. Embassies in Nicaragua, Grenada, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Sierra Leone, Micronesia, Afghanistan and Mongolia

See also
Ralph Drollinger, a 7’1” former professional basketball player who established Capitol Ministries in 1997, has drawn attention for his role as the organizer of a weekly prayer group in the White House. Attendees include Pompeo, Vice President Mike Pence, and cabinet secretaries Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, Rick Perry, Sonny Perdue, and Jeff Sessions.
Do a search on this character and see what the US cabinet is exposing itself to. It would be bad enough if it were just nuttiness. But it's toxic to liberalism, you know, freedom and democracy.

Is Mike Pompeo as Islamophobic as His Spiritual Adviser?
Eli Clifton

Going Underground - Legendary Noel Edmonds on City Corruption & Dr Alford on Intelligence-Hollywood Collusion

Noel Edmonds had a number of his businesses go bankrupt and he just thought that he is not a good businessman but eventually he started reading about white collar banking crime and he realised his businesses were made bankrupt on purpose so that the banks could seize the assets and make a lot of money. Noel Edmonds is fighting for compensation and he say's the problems started when Thatcher deregulated the City of London, known as the big bang. He say's how neoliberalism has destroyed our economy while a few have made enormous profits.

In this episode, we speak to legendary broadcaster Noel Edmonds about corruption and fighting the British banking system. Dr Matthew Alford on alleged collusion between the U.S. government and Hollywood. Plus, Jackie Walker performs a scene from her play ‘The Lynching’!

Leonid — The low blow as a rule

It is a centuries-old practice of the maritime powers [thalassocracy] to "isolate" their enemies with a curtain made of economic sanctions, military encirclement, political and ideological condemnation: in the past, "isolation" or "strangulation" was usually the source of war. The latest developments in Europe are therefore to be looked at with concern: in the United Kingdom, the clumsy poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal was exploited to further exacerbate diplomatic relations with Russia and to push "the allies" in the same direction, while in Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico, opposed to a total flattening of NATO policies, was overthrown in a dirty operation. The Atlantic block has now "ostracized" Moscow and, denying its rights, its interests and its legitimate sphere of influence, is preparing the ground for war....
Good summary of the lead up to war to date. This is pretty clearly the way the Russian leadership views it. They are preparing for WWIII as the extension of WWI and WWII. They would be foolish not to do so.

The Chinese leadership is also well aware it next on the list after Russia and is sending warnings that Taiwan is a red line.

My assessment is that the Western military establishment realizes that the window of opportunity is closing and that they don't have much time left before Russia and China, which are being driven together by events, become too strong to confront, so that the US-led West loses global hegemony. This is unacceptable.

Parlous times. Looks like the US is stumbling into the Thucydides trap.

The low blow as a rule

See also

Paul Robinson dissects more propaganda.

How not to write history
Paul Robinson | Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa


Strategic Culture Foundation
The Russian Military Warns: a Major War in Syria Is ImminentArkady Savitsky, military analyst based in St Petersburg, Russia


Israel admits bombing suspected Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007, warns Iran

Josh Cohen — Commentary: Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem

As Ukraine’s struggle against Russia and its proxies continues, Kiev must also contend with a growing problem behind the front lines: far-right vigilantes who are willing to use intimidation and even violence to advance their agendas, and who often do so with the tacit approval of law enforcement agencies....
Western diplomats and human rights organizations must urge Ukraine’s government to uphold the rule of law and to stop allowing the far right to act with impunity....
Far from the whole story, but a good start for the lamestream media anyway where the story has been largely submerged so far.

Commentary: Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem
Josh Cohen, former USAID project officer involved in managing economic reform projects in the former Soviet Union

Mary Dejevsky — The British Government’s response to Sergei Skripal proves we’ve learnt nothing from the Iraq War

On Iraq, the UK’s version of “the facts” was embraced by pretty much all our political establishment and many of our allies – with the honourable exception of the French, the Germans, the late Charles Kennedy and his little band of Lib Dems, and – yes, let it not be forgotten – the leader of today’s Labour opposition, Jeremy Corbyn. It was a version that proved to be disastrously wrong. Yet a combination of Tony Blair’s persuasive powers, naïve acceptance of the need for national unity, and an exaggerated sense of the UK’s importance led us down this fatal path. Those who dared to object – including the million who took to the streets – were dismissed as deluded and unpatriotic.
Tony Blair is still walking free and thumbing his nose at the world with no show of remorse over the havoc that he and G. W. Bush wreaked.

Now they want to do it again?

This is what happens when there is no accountability.

Steven Chovanec — In Venezuela, It's "Democracy" if US-Backed Candidates Are Empowered, "Tyranny" if They Are Not

Control of the narrative runs from the US deep state through the "lamestream" media where propaganda poses as journalism.

In this article, Maduro can be replaced with Putin, and Venezuela with Putin. It's the same script.

Claire Connelly — Capitalism and the veil of ignorance


Capitalism and the veil of ignorance
Claire Connelly 

Reuters — India most vulnerable country to climate change - HSBC report

India is the most vulnerable country to climate change, followed by Pakistan, the Philippines and Bangladesh, a ranking by HSBC showed on Monday....
Pakistan was ranked by HSBC among nations least well-equipped to respond to climate risks....
Not that prior to the partition of India after independence, Pakistan and Bangladesh were part of India. This area of the subcontinent is most vulnerable.

India most vulnerable country to climate change - HSBC report

Michael Hudson — The Hudson Report: Episode 1 – Debtors Prisons 2018 Michael Hudson

Left Out, a podcast produced by Michael Palmieri, Dante Dallavalle, and Paul Sliker, creates in-depth conversations with the most interesting political thinkers, heterodox economists, and organizers on the Left.
Debtors Prisons 2018
THE HUDSON REPORT: Modern-day debtors’ prisons and debt in antiquityPOSTED ON MARCH 19, 2018
We’re excited to announce our new weekly series called The Hudson Report with the legendary economist Michael Hudson. Every episode we’ll pick Professor Hudson’s brain for 10 or 15 minutes on an economic issue that is either being ignored—or hotly debated—that week in the press....
Michael Hudson
The Hudson Report: Episode 1 – Debtors Prisons 2018
Michael Hudson | President of The Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends (ISLET), a Wall Street Financial Analyst, Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, and Guest Professor at Peking University

Bill Mitchell — Neoliberal economic Groupthink alive and well in Europe

It is Wednesday so only a couple of snippets today. I was going to write about the BBC’s ridiculous attempt to portray Jeremy Corbyn as a sort of Russian-spy-type-dude in its Newsnight segment last Thursday (March 15, 2018). They manipulated his peaked hat (via Photoshop or through lighting) to make it look like a typical Lenin-type “Soviet stooge” hat and presented him against a red Kremlin skyline of Red Square (href=””>Source). The BBC denied they had altered the hat but then admitted the BBCs “excellent,hardworking) graphics team … had the contrast increased & … colour treated) but it was only accidental (not!) that he was made to look as Leninesque as possible. Amazing how deep the anti-neoliberal Groupthink has penetrated. This is the public broadcaster! But Groupthink is alive and well in Europe and doing its best to pervert, distort, stifle and suppress debate on important matters relating to democratic freedoms and the failure of the EU.
Bill Mitchell – billy blog
Neoliberal economic Groupthink alive and well in Europe
Bill Mitchell | Professor in Economics and Director of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE), at University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Russia Watch

Petr Akopov reminds that Great Britain is Russia's old enemy and that Russians need to wake up to the reality that they are now under attack again.

The Vineyard of the Saker
Russia is fighting a lethal enemy
Petr Akopov for Vzgliad
Translated by Edvin Buday


Peter Koenig makes a similar point about the West.

Russia’s Reaction to the Insults of the West is Political Suicide
Peter Koenig

Do the Russians fail to see this? I doubt it. It's been obvious for a long time and set forth in Western geopolitical and geostrategic analysis.

See also

On the Skripal affair.


A Curious Incident Part II

See also

Une parole franche
U.S. Raises the White Flag…at last!
Gilbert Doctorow | European Coordinator of The American Committee for East West Accord Ltd.


Voltaire Net
Under a false flag, UK attempts three chemical attacks in the Ghouta


The Unz Review
Maps of Russian Electoral Fraud

Crimeans Send Their Regards
Anatoly Karlin

Stephen S. Roach — China as Seen from a Glass House

Good analysis excepting this:
The plight of the US middle class has been framed as a blame game, with China and its alleged unfair trading practices singled out as the culprit. Yet the evidence points elsewhere: to a dramatic shortfall of domestic saving that leaves America dependent on surplus saving from abroad to fill the gap. The result is a multilateral trade deficit, with China and 101 other countries, required to provide the foreign capital needed for the balance of payments.
Project Syndicate
China as Seen from a Glass House
Stephen S. Roach, former Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia and the firm's chief economist, now senior fellow at Yale University's Jackson Institute of Global Affairs and a senior lecturer at Yale's School of Management

Moon of Alabama — Cambridge Analytica And The Manipulation Of People

MoA-ites correctly distrust every word emanating from the mealy mouthed Guardian because it has been used in a vicious campaign to advance the interests of Zionists to the point where the well being of Guardian readers has been relegated below the interests of apartheid Israel.
Nevertheless having a bit of a shufti at the loudly trumpeted Facebook-Cambridge Analytica expose is an essential act for anyone who wants to try to get a grip on how populations are being deliberately manipulated.
There is a relatively easy to digest video here where Christopher Wyllie, a computer scientist, outlines the birth of Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix, the CEO and the method used to sell the development of the corporation to Steve Bannon, CA's first customer and Robert Mercer, the Wall Street financier who underwrote the cost of setting up the corporation.
I recommend spending the 13 minutes required to watch the video because Wyllie's summation of what they did and why is horrifying. Lines such as "If you want to change the way a person votes you have to change the culture the person lives within." and "to change a culture, first you have to smash the existing one then grab the pieces and mold it into the shape you want the culture to be"....

Moon of Alabama
Cambridge Analytica And The Manipulation Of People

Tim Johnson — The Golden Rule

Finance and philosophy.

Money, Maths and Magic
The Golden Rule
Tim Johnson | Lecturer (associate professor) in the Department of Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

George Galloway delivers bombastic blast on Sergei Skripal

George Galloway knows how to drive home a point. Excellent!